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About GridON

GridON was founded by a team of competent entrepreneurs and technologists with extensive experience in building companies from a product concept to large business operations. We have been highly innovative, fast-moving and continuously responsive to the market needs.

GridON accumulated over 10 years in research and development of fault current limiting technologies – from superconducting and saturated core based products through breakthrough power-electronics semiconductor based systems. GridON filed for numerous patents, several of which already granted.   GridON’s products have been manufactured by subcontractors, under GridON’s close supervision and support. GridON has partnered with Australian based Wilson Transformer Company - a shareholder and engineering and manufacturing partner - to introduce its world-class portfolio of FCL products to the market. The FCLi products are being manufactured by a local subcontractor.  

The development of GridON’s legacy FCL was funded by a consortium of the UK Government and global industries (EDF, E.ON, Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, BP and Shell). It was then adopted as a commercial, business-as-usual solution by a number of network operators, including UK Power Networks and Western Power Distribution, proving very reliable and effective in limiting numerous fault current events.

In June 2015, GridON used the highly coveted European Commission Horizon 2020 grant to develop its second line of power-electronics based FCLi - a smaller and affordable solution for distributed generation connection.

GridON’s FCL systems are installed in live networks as of 2013. The newly released FCLi systems were already supplied to Western Power Distribution  and  UK Power Networks , and new contracts are under way. The successful operation of the systems in live networks is a strong testament to the unique capabilities of GridON's products and to the growing acceptance of this new solution for fault mitigation. GridON is currently engaged with transmission and distribution network operators worldwide, as well as with independent power producers and industrial customers.

In an effort to expedite the introduction and deployment of its fault mitigation products, GridON has been looking to collaborate with strategic industry partners, large engineering consulting firms, and other stakeholders.

GridON is engaged with leading industry forums and organizations, including Cigre, EPRI and IEEE/PES, and has been an active member of the IEEE FCL workgroup PC37.302.

GridON was elected to the Global Cleantech 100, and won the UK Energy Innovation Award for the Best Energy Network Improvement. Topping thousands of other innovative technologies, GridON was also the proud recipient of the GE ecomagination Powering the Grid award and the ACES Smart Grid award.

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