Data Sheet: Fault Current Limiter
Connecting the Grid.   Wisely.

GridON sets the new standard for electrical grid reliability, safety, performance & efficiency

A commercial Fault Current Limiters for reliable connection of additional generation and distributed renewable energy sources to transmission and distribution networks

The ever-increasing network complexity, competitive power markets, rapidly growing intermittent renewable supply and aging infrastructure conspire to challenge system operators daily. GridON is offering operators and network designers commercially available fault current limiter (FCL) to enable grid inter-connectivity and capacity increase, and to facilitate connection of additional generators and distributed renewable energy sources. GridON offers transmission companies a perfect solution for the 80kA fault breaking barrier. 
The FCL is an essential element for improving grid resilience and reliability, and could significantly cut capital expenditure by tens to hundreds of millions of dollars per customer, while extending the useful life of network assets.

The design is based on combining industry-standard, proven transformer technology with GridON’s unique and proprietary concept of magnetic flux alteration to saturate an iron core.  GridON’s device offers performance benefits including instant, self-triggering response to a fault, immediate recovery following clearance of the fault without network interruption, and suppression of multiple consecutive faults. It is the first such fully tested, commercially viable pre-saturated fault current limiter.
Removing the fault level constraints without costly network upgrades enables the installation of more low carbon and other electricity generation directly onto the distribution system, with shorter connection times and reduced connection costs. It also enables smart grids with increased network efficiency, flexibility, reliability and resilience. The breakthrough in design removes the need for superconducting components which results in a simple, reliable and low maintenance solution. Unlike previous FCL technologies which have not reached commercial viability, GridON’s solution is fully scalable for use at all voltage levels on both distribution and transmission systems.
GridON has partnered with Australian based Wilson Transformer Company – a shareholder and engineering and manufacturing partner - to bring this innovative state-of-the-art portfolio of FCL products to the market.
The Energy Technologies Institute has procured and funded a US$7m development and demonstration project, aiming to drive the technology development to a point at which network operators could deploy this product which is now commercially available. Following comprehensive testing by Testing & Certification Australia, the FCL is now in service at a UK Power Networks main substation in East Sussex, UK. E.ON New Build & Technology provided technical assurance and network modeling support throughout the project.
GridON has recently won the 2013 UK Energy Innovation Award for the Best Energy Network Improvement. Topping thousands of other innovative technologies, GridON was also the proud recipient of the 2011 GE ecomagination “Powering the Grid” award and the 2012 European ACES Smart Grid award. 

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